It’s Tuesday and I am excited. People are really liking the cover of ‘Breaking Beth’, I have started a new co-write project with Cari Silverwood, and the universe is finally being nicer to me and not kicking me every day. So have you seen the cover of ‘Breaking Beth’ yet? I am simply in love with Laura Hidalgo’s work, she takes my ideas and brings them to the next level!

This week I wanted to bring you an excerpt of ‘Ruled’ because Cari has done this dystopian sci-fi romance so very well. With a HAWT and kinky story like this, you are going to #oneclick this story and not regret it.

* * *


He’ll put this princess where she belongs. On her knees.

Calli’s father was king of this city. Drake has taken it now, and soon the little human princess will kneel at his feet and surrender not only her throne but her beautiful virgin body as well.

Though she does her best to hide her helpless arousal as the huge, battle-hardened beast tears her clothing to shreds and then spanks her soundly for daring to defy him, it isn’t long before Calli’s need has grown so intense that she can only beg for Drake to ravage her hard and thoroughly.

She will reign at his side, yet as Drake fits her with the leash and collar she is to wear as he claims her publicly as his mate, Calli is left in no doubt that she will be well and truly ruled.

* * *


Calli let her gaze travel down him, stickily, for every second her eyes would see something of him that pulled her to a stop. The stubble on his jaw, the twisted muscles of his neck, the way his chest moved, even the buttons on his shirt seemed… horribly, wonderfully lickable. Her gaze dribbled, stuck, skipped, and drooled all the way down this mauleon called Drake until she reached where those massive legs joined, where the swell of his pants spoke of… arousal.
Calliope swallowed. Prison or this. She’d never been anti-mauleon like her brothers, had preferred her father’s way but this was wrong.
Then why did it excite her?
“Your answer, Princess?”
Fuck his calmness.
Slowly, with these legs that no longer seemed hers, she kneeled.
“Good. Then we have an agreement.” He set his hand to his chin, scratched there. “I find I like seeing you on your knees before me.”
She shot him a glare, enraged at him as well as at herself for her attraction to this mauleon.
He offered his hand again, upturned and with relaxed fingers, and she thought he meant to help her to her feet. He left his hand there, inches from her face. The lure of the predatory angler fish.
Drake a fish… Hah.
Then she extended her arm and met his hand with hers.
So warm, and she could see his skin had the whorls of fingerprints as a man’s would.
The calluses said he worked hard, maybe wielded a sword. Not everyone learned swordplay. Handcrafted bullets did the job better, if less silently.
Though his claws had retracted, now they slowly unsheathed, and she found herself touching one, her fingertip running down the ridged curve of hard claw until her finger bumped over his finger, joint by joint, to his palm. He closed his hand, trapping her. Again.
The room became so very hot. Calli sucked in a shaky inhalation and raised her eyes to his.
“Hmmm.” That rumble sounded like a pleased one. “I will give you a lesson before I go. This will aid you in the future if I take you.”
Fuck. He was making her want to swear. Bad man.
“Yes. I assume you know what that means.”
His smile was barely there—just a mild raising of his lips, as if she intrigued and amused him.
The world felt on the verge of strange and terrible things.
Also the slickness between her legs was making her armored suit terribly uncomfortable. He’d caused that. A dose of reality versus the fantasy of… of fucking this brute.
Then he took her wrist and pulled her to her feet, while wrapping his other hand around the back of her neck. Relentlessly, he pulled her closer until she stood between his knees. And she knew she should have resisted more. Lost, she was so bewildered by this, especially when he leaned forward and… he kissed her.
She gulped in a breath, and fell into an abyss, utterly absorbed by this divine pleasure blossoming within. Eyelids fluttering, blind to anything but this moment, she let him take what he wanted from her, his hands on her, his mouth pressing on her mouth.
He drew away, leaving emptiness and tremors of delicate lust wherever he’d touched.
Bewildered, she tried to decipher what she felt, how it had been. She could taste him. Exotic, strange—another person had met her mouth, been in her mouth, for his tongue had dipped inside.
“Wait.” Half-heartedly she pushed at his chest, which made zero difference. He didn’t move. She couldn’t push away. Instead she gripped the lower edge of the arm that went behind her. “I’ve never done anything—”
“I know.”
“I’m your queen.”
“Not unless I arrange it.”
Calli frowned.
Her mouth opened then her determination leaked away, for he’d placed his other hand at her neck. Both were wrapped about her, a collar of male hands, holding her. As if controlled by another, her fingertips found his hands, gently felt along them, touching, marveling even.
She panted, unable to stop, and he watched her every move. His lips stretched in what seemed a cruel smile.
Her toes curled. That smile made her swell below, made her wetter.
And that mouth, his mouth… she’d only ever kissed people on the cheek. Kissing with him holding her in place had been a revelation. Her heart knocked at her chest.
“I know you’re a virgin and have never had a man in you.”
Her eyes locked open. This was the most uncomfortable discussion, ever. Though she’d often inserted her favorite dildo, she wasn’t telling him that.
“So, I am going to open you a little. It will help you.”
Then he kissed her again, with those hands still holding her exactly where he wanted her.
He wasn’t gentle this time, he ravaged—her lips, her mouth, her neck, turning her to get better access, lifting away one hand and biting. She felt teeth, fangs, press into the side of her neck. The room lurched and she forgot how to breathe.
“You’ve never had anyone tell you what to do, have you? Or handle you like this.”
His fingers had relaxed, now he firmed them on her, and his thumb pushed up her jaw. Her swallow bumped his palm.
The hand he’d removed from her neck arrived between her legs and slid. A second later, she both heard and felt his claw puncture the cloth, tearing open the suit and her underwear.
“You’re wet, Princess.” He kissed her neck.
Coolness caressed her below then a rigid claw probed her. Caught, she felt the claw retract and there was only his thick finger, pushing, slicking up and down her slit. A tingle rushed from below, shivering through her as he began to rub her clit then press on her entrance, over and over.
The rising pleasure obliterated her shame.
Seconds or an eternity later, he managed to get that finger into her. It slowly thrust upward, into her, overcoming the clamp of her muscles. Calli bit her lip to stifle her moans, shuddering at the penetration.
Her trembling legs weakened and she relaxed enough to allow him to tear her suit further and mess with her. Mess with her mind, her pussy, her sense of who she should be.
“I shouldn’t.” Those words rasped from her throat, even as she clutched at his wrist below.
He had her though, was inside her where no one ever had been. Wrong and yet so right. It felt good. Her grip on his wrist fluctuated as her climax built. Grip, relax, grip harder, harder.
That was her making those small noises, shameful ones, her moaning and crying out at the thrusts, but she could not stop herself.
“Because you’re royalty? But you’re mine now, my princess, my queen-to-be. That’s it. Relax. Take my finger. I want to see what you look like when you come.” Stiff, bucking a little, she held onto his arm and the wrist of that probing hand.
His hand had stayed on her neck, while he toyed with her with fingers and claws, toggling her clit, pressing upward, shoving that inserted finger ever higher.
In, out, press, press. “Oh! Ohhh,” she whispered, grabbing at him. “Fff…” She wrenched into a body-jerking, mind-blanking orgasm. He let her slip through his hands and slump to the floor at his feet.
She found she’d flattened her palms to the floor.
So fast, she’d never come that fast playing with herself. The very idea of knowing a man had her, that he controlled her, while he did that, fucked her with his finger, it was novel, different, and beautifully bad. It made her wonder why she’d waited so long for sex.
Twenty-five and she’d kept herself a virgin because she’d been certain no one could ever really want her.
“I will return, my princess,” she heard him say from far above, as his boots walked away, taking him with them. He’d gone, left her? After doing that.
He’d made her come.
A shiny patch on the floor riveted her. Her face heated. She’d dripped her own wetness onto the floor.
This was not how queens, or princesses, behaved.

* * *

In other news, I had my first evaluation for Crossfit yesterday and I have a lot to work on but I’m happy. Fingers crossed they don’t kill me, because I have stories to write and they won’t come out if I end up dying from a stupid deadlift or pull up! #stupidfitness #fixingmymindandbody

Make sure you grab ‘Ruled’ and devour this not-very-dark sci-fi, because you are going to fall in love with Calli and Drake!

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