I am super excited to bring you this excerpt from returning Black Light author, Renee Rose. She really brought her A game to Celebrity Roulette and I really want you to read the rest because it is a really good story. Join us in the Romance Readers Recommend Facebook group for a party at 8p Eastern to win prizes and read even more excerpts!
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How high would you bid for a fantasy night with your celebrity crush?

Black Light is back for the 3rd year in a row with nine *brand new* sexy stories set in their new West Coast club! This year you’re invited to celebrate Valentine’s Day VIP-style as Black Light combines their annual kinky game of BDSM roulette with a celebrity charity auction. Three hours of fun. Five hard limits.

We’ve loaded the wheel with naughty new kinks for our couples as they play to win a free month at the exclusive club… but there’s more than money on the line when hearts get involved.

Drama, fame, and fantasies await if you’re brave enough to spin the wheel!

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He starts with a leather paddle, light and slappy, a great warm-up tool.

Yes, this man definitely knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t hold back. It’s not too much–the leather slapper is forgiving, but he’s certainly not one of those doms who fears I can’t take it. My whole ass warms up under the slaps, which he concentrates on my sit spots. Every once and awhile he smacks the butt plug, driving it deeper inside me.

My body purrs as the heat builds, endorphins start to flow. And with the sense of well-being comes all the sexier memories of my former bodyguard. The time he answered his hotel door in nothing but a small towel around his waist. Lord, that body! Tattoos wrapped around solid muscle. He is a perfect specimen of manliness—a freaking stallion. I remember the time we got stuck in a throng outside a club in the Big Apple. I tripped but instead of falling, found myself swept up into his arms and carried like a princess out to the waiting car.It was hard not to swoon. He stops spanking and pumps the plug in and out of my ass. I am seconds from orgasming when he stops. I bet he knew that, too.
He slaps between my legs. “You need to come, Red?”
“Yes,” I moan, excited that he might let me.
“Too bad.”
“You won’t come until I give you permission.”
Yeah, this man definitely has government-trained torture skills.
He runs a calloused hand over my twitching ass. “Redheads mark easily, don’t they?”
I don’t answer because I assume the question is rhetorical.
“I bet you’ll look good in stripes.”
Excitement simultaneously zips up my spine and down my inner thighs. My toes curl in my platform heels.
He slaps my pussy again, then gives my clit a far too short rub.
I moan and wiggle my ass. He steps away and out of my periphery I watch him draw a cane from his bag.
Oh shit.

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Isn’t that hot? I can’t wait for you to meet Lincoln and Scarlett! Just a few more days until Celebrity Roulette is live and THEN I can really hammer away at the rest of Inheritance. It is coming, lovelies, I swear!

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