Just Breathe is doing fabulous, people love Cocoon, Black Light Fearless is going to have a cover reveal next week, and Twisted Sacrament with Baptized in Eden releases on Friday!  On top of all of that, I am in fact writing and words are coming at me from not only David and Lianna, but from characters for a book that won’t even be written about until next year.

For now though, my bestie Addison Cain had a release that is so dark, so fucked up, and so damn hot that I just could not let it go by without featuring it on Teaser Tuesday.  Keep your light on, lovelies, it’s about to get dark!

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“There is no God for you but me. There is no heaven waiting for you. I own your soul and your body. I own your mind. I am your life and your only reason for existence.”

Catacombs is a tale of pure horror featuring the ruling vampire lord and his captive Treasure. Be warned.

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He was talking her in circles, and Pearl felt he’d done so thousands of times. Her own tongue could not break from the cycle. “I was obedient and still you hurt me. If I tell you I love you, you will hurt me again.”

“True.” The monster seemed appeased, even gratified by her statement. “My Pearl, isn’t honesty a beautiful thing?”

Before she could answer, Darius had her splayed on her belly with supernatural speed. Face pressed to the blankets, she bit back a scream, the feel of something boiling hot penetrating the cavity he’d torn apart. True, the damage had healed, but unlike the first time he’d taken her that night, she was ill prepared for such brutality.

Clawing at the bed, trying to find purchase, she pitched deeper into the mattress with his every thrust.

Struggles and pained grunts only drove him on. He wanted her to fight back.

He wanted to steal.

Going limp did not save her either.

A muscular forearm flexed around her throat, a fist once again knotted in her hair, and he bent her back until her spine screamed. Roaring like the devil he was, Darius slammed his cock into her body, snapping his hips violently against her backside.

He denied her air. Twisted as she was, there was nothing but him to hold on to. She couldn’t even see his eyes, only red velvet bed curtains that blurred as her world tripped between conscious and unconscious. Pain and true suffering.

But in there, under all the malevolence was a twinge and a lesson.

She was only allowed to be limp if he made her limp. She was only allowed to scream if he made her scream.

Pearl was a possession. She was a treasure.

One he could control physically or mentally, the point driven home when the tendrils of his dominion invaded her thoughts and tempted her to revel in the violence.

The instant her cracked psyche gave in, flashing fangs tore through his wrist and the spurting wound was pressed to her slack mouth.

Absolution arrived. She swallowed.

As he fucked her, she drank.

Gurgling around a mouthful, Pearl felt herself dragged to a higher state of being. High on his power, she could feel everything: each shredding thrust of a veined cock moving through skin not quite lubricated enough to facilitate smooth passage. She could feel the microscopic tears healing even as they split open anew. Overwrought nerves throbbed from both pleasure and pain, for he had found a place inside her body where, textured skin ached for punishment.

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Want more of Addison Cain?

USA Today Bestselling author, Addison Cain, is best known for her dark romances, the internationally bestselling Alpha’s Control Series, and the twisted alien worlds of the Irdesi Empire. Her antiheroes are not always redeemable, her lead females fierce, and nothing is ever as it seems.

Deep and sometimes heart wrenching, Addison is driven to push her plots beyond the pale. Her books are not for the faint of heart, but they are just right for those who enjoy unapologetic bad boys, aggressive alphas, and a hint of violence in a kiss..