My real life friend wrote the story ‘Loops’ in the Just Breathe anthology. I’m just so fucking proud of her for finally taking the leap to publish, and I want you guys to see just how talented Toni LeMay is so I am sneaking her in as a Teaser Thursday!

* * *


What if you woke up and everything was wrong? What if being insane gave you what you really wanted? Ruth’s world is shifting, her perception skewed. Confusion and anxiety grip her as she navigates an unfamiliar life. Will she escape the loop? Does she want to?

* * *


“Where were you just now? We’ve been trying to talk to you. John was telling a funny story about how you were asking how to spell fruit.”

Kara cackled.

“Oh that….I remember Fruit Loops spelled differently. It’s been a weird day.” She shifted in her seat and looked around the bustling cafeteria.

“I like the idea of it spelled with O’s too, Ruth,” Jane offered.

They don’t get it.

“And I found a bunch of other weird stuff too, guys. All these things spelled differently and quotes from movies that have changed, and car logos, and even when and how famous people have died. Like…it feels like my memories don’t match up with reality, or with this reality.”

The table laughed.

“It’s fascinating. I like all this Matrixy stuff too,” Kara quipped.

“Oh stop it, this is just silly!” John looked warmly at Ruth.

She fell silent and twisted her mouth. “The new cashier seemed odd to me too.”

“New cashier?” John asked.

“Wasn’t it Carmen up there like always?” Tracy added?

The whole table looked at her waiting.

“Yeah,” she mumbled, “I guess I am confused.” She wasn’t confused. Ruth was certain that last week, and for the last three years, Lucy had been the cashier in the work cafeteria.

* * *

Isn’t the story just so twisted? Toni was so excited about finally getting her story out there and I love it! I am working on Inheritance BUT some scenes for Beth from Breaking Beth keep popping into my head which is distracting me! I can’t wait to have enough to share with you. Until then, let me know what you thought of Loops!

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Toni is a single mom of two kids with an active imagination. Writing is an outlet at the end of a long work and parenting day. She loves to write twisty stories with a sci-fi or paranormal flair and while she started with Flash Fiction, she is now branching out into longer forms.

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