Life has been crazy for me. My mom’s health isn’t great, as you know from my last post, I closed on my new house, I am adopting dogs and kiddo has started school!  Even with all of that, I can’t just sit still so I may have dropped a surprise release? #SorryNotSorry

A few months ago I updated the covers of The Rite, The Invitation and Reunited. They looked so unloved, I felt they needed that boost.  With everyone loving the covers, I thought these books just HAD to have their own boxset and when I saw the cover, I knew exactly what to name it.


Sometimes you can’t fight attraction, no matter how deviant it may be.

In this naughty collection everyone has their deviant desires, secret fantasies, and wicked attractions that tempt them into the unknown.

Whether it’s a private party where a good girl gets the chance to bring her dark side out to play, or a high school reunion where a second chance at the love of her life gets even better when his best friend wants to play too – The Invitation and Reunited will give you all the kinky menage romance you can handle!

And if you’re feeling extra daring, the twisted novella The Rite brings together danger, dark lust, and a magical HEA to take you through the darkness and into the bright light of love.

I hope you pick it up, it is such a great collection of stories and it is the FIRST TIME these stories are available in print!


Will you see me?  I will be at Show Me Your Books in Kansas City September 7 and 8 and I want to see you!  I will have lots of books and swag, I want you to go home with an armful.  If you haven’t planned on coming, change those plans now!

I am even going to meet up with fans Friday afternoon!

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Preorder your books here, I won’t have my entire library and don’t want you to miss getting the books you love!