Hells yeah, it’s #ThankfulThursday and I am very thankful today because Amazon *FINALLY* approved the pre-order for ‘Imperfect Monster’ which means you lovelies can go ahead and snag it for the release price of $2.99, and then you’ll get it the instant it goes live! Hurry and grab a copy here ➡️ http://amzn.to/2ETRyw3. In addition to that it’s been my first week in my new role at work, and while not a lot has changed *yet*, there’s been a lot of sweet congratulations and long meetings as I try to get on top of everything going on. So, I’m busy at the day job AND busy at home with all of this chaos!

Speaking of chaos, I’ve also got a pre-order giveaway contest going on over at my author FB page for signed paperbacks + a kindle fire, so don’t miss your chance at that! This is a quick link: https://tinyurl.com/ycbxd2gh.

Not like there isn’t too much insanity already… but how would you feel about a FREE BOOK for #ThankfulThursday? My standalone BDSM romance ‘Black Light: Exposed’ is free through Jan. 7th and if you haven’t read it you should totally get a copy and get to the know Black Light BDSM club before the next Valentine Roulette boxset releases before Valentine’s Day! Clickie for the freebie: http://amzn.to/2ET6nit!

**SHEESH** Have I exhausted you yet? I feel tired. HA! Hopefully this stuff makes you happy, lovelies, because bringing you new releases and awesome prizes and freebies definitely makes my day. <3 Have an amazing weekend, lovelies, and let this hottie sweep you into the weekend. He’s kinda, sorta, a little the inspiration for Andre in Imperfect Monster (you might recognize him from the cover). ;p