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Ten years. Two hot Doms. One chance to be ‘Reunited’!

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Megan Harper hasn’t had the best decade since she left high school and the love of her life behind. She gave up on her dreams and dropped out of college to get married, only to have her marriage fall apart leaving her divorced, disappointed, and back at square one trying to get her life started again.

When her high school reunion comes around she doesn’t want to go, but her sister insists. That’s how Megan finds herself dressed up at her old alma mater hoping her miserable evening ends quickly. That is until Eric Lewis, her gorgeous, hot, and once-dominant high school flame, shows up and only has eyes for her. When Colby Warren, the playboy of Whittaker High, joins them and seems just as intent on having her attention for the night she feels like she’s dreaming.

As both men dance and flirt with her, it becomes increasingly clear that not only do they both want her, but that Eric’s urge for dominance has only increased in their years apart. Will Megan dive in for one last fling in the halls of her school, or will she run and miss the chance to be reunited with the one man that’s haunted her for years?


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Here’s what people are saying about ‘Reunited’:

★★★★★ – Amazon, Ap2514 – “When Megan returned to high school for her 10 year reunion, the last thing she expected was to reunite with her high school boyfriend. But Eric is there and looking better than ever. Not only that but he still wants her and the sexy, little games that they used to play. Only this time the games have matured and taken on a darker edge. When their friend Colby joins in, the three of them have an unforgettable night.
Who would have thought that Megan would spend her reunion in the arms of two of the sexiest guys she knows? And just when she thinks that this was just about a night of fun, Eric confesses his true feelings for her.
I loved the extra chapter at the end, showing Meg and Eric a few years later and the life that they have together.”

★★★★★ – Amazon, LB Grant – “Megan is one lucky lady! Holy smokes, are Eric and Colby ever sexy. … I loved seeing how Eric and Megan had not only stayed together, but are making an awesome life together. I loved how secure Eric is to share the love of his life with his best friend. To have not one but TWO hot guys like this would be a dream come true. My iPad almost melted from the hot, menage scenes. Well done, Ms. Bene!!”