Today’s #MusicMonday is ‘In the Shadows’ from Amy Stroup, which (of course) Spotify gave to me on the Discover Weekly playlist, and the moment it came on I was just like, “Yes, Spotify, you do understand me.” And then I listened to it, and every time the weekly playlist came back to it, I found myself listening to it again and again trying to catch the lyrics because there’s so many good lines in here. “A whisper in the darkness / in the quiet it’ll grow” just screams for some kind of sinister story to be told, and the opening line is just great, “What happens in the shadows / no one has to know.” I just love it, and her soft voice works so well with it! There’s no real video, but you can scroll down, hit play, and enjoy!

PS – After lots of people asked for it, I finally got off my ass this weekend and put together a Spotify playlist of all my #MusicMonday posts. #MusicMonday from Jennifer Bene @ Spotify Now you can binge listen to the same songs I do as I write. Seriously, I probably listen to the #MusicMonday playlist more than any of my others combined! <3 Hope you like it just as much.

Favorite Lyrics

What happens in the shadows,
no one has to know.
The truth is in the gallows,
it’ll burn but won’t let go.

A whisper in the darkness,
in the quiet it’ll grow.
You can try to hide it in the farthest place,
but everybody knows…

There’s something in the shadows.
It cuts you like an arrow.
Shifting through the dark,
your strength is in your weakness.
This fire in your blood,
hanging from that hope,
but everybody knows…

There’s something in the shadows.
There’s something in the shadows.

It finds you in a cold room,
a silhouette against the wall.
Lit up by the white moon,
we’ll out run the waking dawn.

‘In the Shadows’ by Amy Stroup