Today’s #MusicMonday is special because A) I’ve always loved the band Until the Ribbon Breaks (they have so many cool songs), and B) a reader of mine sent me this song saying that it reminded her of Marcus from Security Binds Her (and the rest of the Thalia series for that matter). I have to say, I completely agree. The song was originally from Blondie, and her version feels more peppy even though the lyrics are just as psycho. However, the way UTRB does it just gives you chills, and it puts me in a perfect mood to write some dark and devious erotica – because the entire song is basically one long threat. Check out the lyrics below, and scroll below that to click play on the video!

Favorite Lyrics

One way or another I’m gonna find you,
I’m gonna get you.
One way or another I’m gonna win you,
I’m gonna get you, get you.
One way or another I’m gonna see you,
I’m gonna meet you.

One day, maybe next week,
I’m gonna meet you, I’m gonna meet you.
And I will drive by your house,
and if the lights are all down,
and I’ll see who’s around…


‘One Way or Another’ by Until the Ribbon Breaks