Today’s #MusicMonday came from a good real-world friend of mine who knows that I post favorite songs of mine every Monday. We share similar tastes in music and she sent me the brand new music video for The Lumineers’ Sleep on the Floor and when I heard how much she loved it I knew I needed to see it. This is one of those times where the video almost outshines the song, but honestly – how can you not love The Lumineers? They basically write novels with their songs, except a hell of a lot more concise than I ever could. It’s an almost 5 minute video, but the story it tells is worth it and it holds such a powerful message.

Are you missing your chance to live your life, lovelies?

Favorite Lyrics

Forget what Father Brennan said,
we were not born in sin.
Leave a note on your bed.
Let your mother know you’re safe,
and by the time she wakes
we’ll have driven through the state,
we’ll have driven through the night, baby come on.

If the sun don’t shine on me today,
and if the subways flood and bridges break,
will you lay yourself down and dig your grave,
or will you rail against your dying day?

Decide on me, yea decide on us.
Oh, oh, oh, Illinois, Illinois…

Pack yourself a toothbrush, dear.
Pack yourself a favorite blouse.
Take a withdrawal slip, take all of your savings out.
Cause if we don’t leave this town,
we might never make it out.

‘Sleep on the Floor’ by The Lumineers