With all the darkness lately, specifically the police deaths here in Dallas (at a peaceful protest), so close on the heels of the deaths of the LGBTQ community members (and their allies) in Orlando, I felt like I needed a little light in my life. ‘Light’ by Sleeping at Last filled that space for me with upbeat instrumentals, and soft, heartbreaking lyrics. It’s sung like it’s meant for a newborn child, but they are words I feel we all need to hear, no matter our age. I watched the news until almost 2am the night of the attacks on our local police here in Dallas, and just a week earlier had my heart broken by the attacks on Pulse nightclub in Orlando (because my friends and I go dancing at Dallas gay clubs often, and as a bisexual with many LGBTQ friends this touches too close). Now, in some weird twist of fate, work is sending me to Orlando this week and I cannot shake the need to share love in the world this week. I am stretched too thin, stressed too much, and I know many friends who feel the same. This song is something we all need, and I beg you all to listen to it. Scroll down, hit play, close your eyes and let the lyrics wash over you with the upbeat, powerful music behind them. Just, do better. However, you can. We all deserve better than the world is right now. *love*

Favorite lyrics…

May these words be the first
To find your ears.
The world is brighter than the sun
Now that you’re here.
Though your eyes will need some time to adjust
To the overwhelming light surrounding us,

I’ll give you everything I have.
I’ll teach you everything I know.
I promise I’ll do better.
I will always hold you close,
But I will learn to let you go.
I promise I’ll do better.
I will soften every edge,
I’ll hold the world to its best,
And I’ll do better.
With every heartbeat I have left
I will defend your every breath,
And I’ll do better.

’Сause you are loved.
You are loved more than you know.
I hereby pledge all of my days
To prove it so.
Though your heart is far too young to realize
The unimaginable light you hold inside,

I’ll give you everything I have.
I’ll teach you everything I know.
I promise I’ll do better.

‘Light’ by Sleeping at Last