It’s Music Monday and back to normal in my corner of the world. Today I’ve got ‘Fragile’ by a new kiwi artist, Maya Payne. It’s got great rhythm and her voice is so unique! Some of the insanity of my last few weeks is winding down, the day job seems to be on an upswing, and I finally had a few minutes this weekend to sit down and put down some more words on ‘Early Sins’ the prequel for Lethal Sin (Dangerous Games #1). Overall, it’s going pretty well, but whenever I’m writing I always gravitate to the darker music, and this one caught my ear a couple of weeks ago and I instantly threw it on my Music Monday playlist. Just scroll down and hit play to listen!

Favorite lyrics…

A shiver down my spine
These bones so fragile and fine
We’re all just troubled minds
In troubled times

There’s something in the dark
A dying spark
Like a flame in the rain
Consumed in the pain

It’s in my bones
It’s in my skin
Troubled minds
Fragile spines

‘Fragile’ by Maya Payne