For this week’s Music Monday I am so glad I found this song because if my latest release ‘Tara’ ever got to be a movie (or the Daughters of Eltera a TV series) I would want to play this song during the explosive scene at the climax of the book, maybe remixed with some heavy metal? For those of you that have read it already you know I mean the scene with Tara, all glowing bad-ass, in the hallway, in that scene – know what I mean? If you haven’t had the chance to grab it yet, it’s right over here!

I think once you read the lyrics below from Lights Fade Low’s song ‘Touch’ you’ll get what I mean:

No one will touch you
No one will touch you
I’d rip their heads off if they tried

No one will take you
No one will break you
I’ll keep you whole until I die

I can feel you inside
underneath my skin
Feel you take me from within
And so I surrender
bound to you in sin
Feel my outsides turning in

No one will push you
No one will push you
I’ll push back hard with all my might

‘Touch’ by Lights Fade Low