For this week’s Music Monday I knew I was going to use this song the moment I heard it on Spotify. It’s ‘Hollow’ by Cloudeater. The beat, his voice, and the LYRICS. I just love this song. I’ve listened to it an inhuman number of times as I worked and did edits this week on Lethal Sin. It’s just fantastic and I hope you all love it as much as I do!

My world was pretty exciting this past week though. ‘Taken by the Enemy‘ held the #1 spot in three categories on Amazon for 8 days (it just slid to #2 late on Sunday), and ‘Security Binds Her‘ which is Book 1 of the Thalia series held BDSM erotica #2 for six days (and I think it may still be there?). What’s even more amazing is that at one point on Sunday I had 4 books in the top 20 on Amazon for BDSM erotica. Taken, and all three books of the Thalia trilogy. I also went as high as #4 on the Amazon Erotica Authors list, and have happily sat at #6 since then. I am ecstatic to know people are finding my books, and seem to be enjoying them as they devour the whole Thalia series!

Anyway, enough of my rambling about my week, we’re here for MUSIC today! For ‘Hollow’ I couldn’t even pick the lyrics I liked, so this is pretty much the entire song, absent some repetitions, but – oh my god – it’s so perfect. Go ahead and scroll down to play the song while you read along, there’s no video for this one!

I wait in intermission
I remove inhibition
I don’t speak, nobody’s listening
It’s not safe to seek the attention

I won’t sink, I won’t wallow
In this dream that I have borrowed
So don’t lead, I won’t follow
There’s no sense in waiting for tomorrow

Cause I’m hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow…

I move in all directions
I don’t need any protection
And this beast is interjecting
And this soul can’t help but connect it

And I’m ill with all that I know
Cause it shows what little I know
I want sacred, I want final
And I’m seeking it wherever I go

Cause I’m hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow…

I stay empty, I feel the hunger
So simple when I was younger
I awaken with the thunder
A bold statement to end my slumber

And this feeling has got a window
Til I’m numb, til I am blissful
Til the sum outweighs the mental
Til the blood of both is my limbo

And I’m hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow …

I’d find an answer if I wanted to
I’d be a dancer of a different tune
I won’t get entranced, I’ll be changing soon


‘Hollow’ by Cloudeater