This week for Music Monday I found another cool song, this time it’s ‘Black Sea’ by Natasha Blume. It has this awesome retro quality in the beginning that instantly made my ears perk up, and then (as usual) the lyrics hooked me completely.

A thousand nights have passed
change doesn’t happen overnight
Not visible at first
It’s important to hold on (hold on)

Oh, oh, oh, oh inject your advice to me
(inject your advice to me)
Oh, oh, oh, oh incinerate our shackles

Come down to the Black Sea swimming with me ah-oh
Go down with me fall with me let’s make it worth it ah-oh

You rise, I fall, I stand, you crawl
You twist, I turn, who’s the first to burn?
You sit and stay, I don’t obey
Where do we land in the Black Sea?
Oh, oh, oh, oh in the Black Sea
Where do we land in the Black Sea?

Hope you enjoy this one, lovelies, it’s one of those I predict you’ll be playing on repeat just like I have this week!

‘Black Sea’ by Natasha Blume