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By Cari Silverwood and Jennifer Bene


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"She wasn't an angel, but she was his angel."

Tomik took Hannah like he had a hundred women before her, like any other collectable that his mesmer abilities let him control utterly and completely. He wanted to dress her in wings, make her crawl to him, do things to her body that were worse than sinful... they were nightmarishly obscene.

But Hannah isn't like any other collectable.

She's the girl he ran away from, tried to protect... until she called him back.

Now there's no stopping the darkness inside him, the cravings that demand he keep her all to himself -- but that's against the rules and his mesmer brothers are dangerous. Unpredictable. And how can he keep her safe when all he wants to do is make her scream?

Before love will come pain, blood, and the near destruction of her soul, and his.

"A twisted, upside-down, out-there love story."

"I could still feel the darkness creeping and crawling through my imagination long after I closed the final page."

"This is darker than 13 midnights - PITCH BLACK type of dark. There are more bad things than I can even prepare someone for."

Mesmer is a standalone dark romance and is based in the Dark Hearts trilogy world created by Cari Silverwood, that begins with Wicked Ways.

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2 reviews for Mesmer

  1. Deborah Gile

    This story is not for the faint of heart.

    That being said, it is a story for fans of really BAD BAD men getting exactly what they deserve. I was sucked into this book and, like a train wreck, I could not stop reading. Just when I thought it could not get any worse for our girl, it did. I was told there was an HEA, but frankly, I did not believe it was possible. If you can ride the wave and survive the pitfalls, there at the end of the tunnel, is a light. And Thank the Good Lord it is not a train!

  2. Martha J Lindblom

    This is a very dark, very deranged and demented story. Hannah has loved Tomik since they were children and now they have found each other but he is now a mesmer and she is a collectible, and Tomik being a mesmer likes playing with her mind. Hannah’s mind (Greta) is talking to her as a real person and I think causing her trouble and helping her think, almost like she has a double personality. It is amazing how Hannah managed to survive all the stuff they did to her. It would break a normal person. I still do not know what a mesmer is or how they become one, but they are extremely mean and controlling and use the collectibles and throw them away. Very sad and glad we have none in real life. The book will keep you on the edge of your seat. Enjoy

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