The Fragile Ties Series Complete Collection is live!

The Fragile Ties Series Complete Collection is LIVE!

It’s been two years since I released Redemption, and what better way to celebrate than tossing all three books from this dark, intense trilogy into a single collection?


And, seriously, just look at this GORGEOUS cover from Laura Hidalgo and Spellbinding Design. Speaking of… she might have more magic up her sleeve for these books, but I’m not telling what!

Have you waited to dive into this series? Here’s your chance, lovelies!


Abducted. Imprisoned. Tormented.

Taking her was easy. Lianna was her daddy’s spoiled little princess. A beautiful, well-educated heir to her father’s corrupt empire — making her the perfect bait to bring daddy to his knees.

Vengeance. Lies. Destruction.

Forcing her to suffer and submit was thrilling… but breaking the princess was supposed to get David his revenge. Instead she’s betrayed and abandoned as the plans he set in motion tear her world apart.

Revelations. Addiction. Danger.

The truth can hurt, but in Lianna’s case it burned her entire life to the ground and left her kneeling at his feet. David isn’t a good man, but as vicious as he can be… he’s not the only monster at her door.

She’s still heir to a family name drenched in blood, and they’re not going to let her go without a fight, but David won’t let them take anything else from him, and he’s claimed Lianna body and soul.


Anathema Codex Cover Reveal!

Surprise Cover Reveal & Pre-order!

The Anathema Codex

by Yolanda Olson & Jennifer Bene

This boxset includes all 3 books from the Anathema series (Noxious, Mephitic, and Viperous) as well as a BRAND NEW short story called ‘Remnants!’ If you’ve ever wondered what would have happened if the couple from Natural Born Killers had a kid, and then that kid grew up and went on a murderous road trip in search of his dad… then you’re probably going to love this insane, filthy ride through the dark and twisted minds of me and Yolanda! Check out the blurb below, add it on GR, and then pre-order your copy before we drop this beast on September 19th!

BTW isn’t this cover from Dez Purington / Pretty in Ink Creations freaking GORGEOUS? I’m obsessed af.

Pre-order here:
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The Acolyte
He never knew I existed. And he sure as hell didn’t care when I showed up on his doorstep, either.
I only did it on a dare. But I guess the hope was there that he’d see me and maybe want to be in my life.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.
He hates me with the fire of a thousand suns even though he doesn’t know me. Maybe that’s just his personality, however, he’ll soon find out that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Let’s do this.

The God
Life was perfectly fine until some punk knocked on my front door.
He says he’s my kid and I’m assuming that meant I was supposed to fall to my knees and worship at his altar. My knees hit the dirt for no one—not even the alleged fruit of my loins.
Besides, I’ve had someone else on my mind for a while.
Not that I’ve been able to avoid it. Ichabod mumbles about her in his sleep. Maybe the kid wants to meet his auntie… maybe I can finally get some well-deserved revenge.
I can play faux daddy for a little while.
There’s a bigger prize at the end of this rainbow. You can run, little girl, but you’ll never be able to hide.

The Lover
He looks just like him. It’s uncanny and terrifying all at once because I’m afraid that he acts like him too.
Lakyn has to learn a lesson, and this was the only thing I was able to come up with to get him to understand that the world doesn’t revolve around him. That he should care about anyone that cares about him.
I can’t help that I still love him. Twenty years later and it’s only gotten stronger while my resolve has gotten weaker.
I wish Bea was here. She always knew how to handle him.
I’m going to force Lakyn to make me a promise since he never goes back on his word. And maybe, in the end, the three of us will be together again.
Ready to raise hell.

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Please UPDATE your copy of Alpha’s Trust!

Please Update Your Copy of Alpha’s Trust! I had a small surprise surgery before I finished Alpha’s Trust on my Cassandra Faye pen name and was still on pain meds when it came time to upload the book. Apparently, I uploaded the ARC version which did not include Mordek’s chapter (ch. 6) or the sneak peek of Alpha’s Secret. I am so sorry! The updated version is now LIVE and Amazon is reaching out to everyone via email who purchased the book to allow them to update their version. Please get the new one, and I hope you enjoy what you missed out on before!
The good news is I’m all healed from my surgery now, and as soon as I finish Scarred Siren on Jennifer Bene, I will be back with the Alphas and Karissa’s pack for Alpha’s Secret.
Thank you all for loving my twisted reverse harem omegaverse!
– Cassandra Faye / Jennifer Bene

Are you hungry or fulfilled? Take a break from authorlandia drama with me!

Let’s take a moment, take a breath, and lay down some hard truths about life.

In general, it’s up to every single person how they want to experience life. Sure, things happen to us, and mental health is an absolute bitch, but at the end of our life, we will either be fulfilled by what we did in our life, or we won’t.

That means people can live their lives (no matter what happens) in two different ways: fulfilled or hungry.

Let’s talk about what that means.

“Hungry” people are those who look at someone and only see how that person can help *them.* They seek out people they believe will benefit them, or make them feel good, or help them get ahead, etc, etc. But no matter how much they get, hungry people will always feel slighted by the world because they always want more. There are never enough favors you can do for someone like this, never enough attention you can give, never enough praise you can say or text. They are always seeking MORE from the world, and the moment you do not benefit them, or you disagree with them, or you aren’t able or willing to help in the way they want, they will cut you out of their life — but it won’t make them feel better. They will always be hungry, always be grabbing for anything they can get to try and fill that hole inside them, but taking from the world only makes the hunger worse.

Because ‘taking’ is not ‘fulfilling.’

So, let’s talk about “fulfilling” people. These are the people who see another human and look for a way to help. They see a problem and want to help solve it, without expecting anything in return. They are willing to move slower, to sacrifice a win, to miss an opportunity, just to reach down and lift someone up with them. “Fulfilling” people are never empty because they are satisfied by the impact they have on those around them. They support, love, encourage, and help others stand tall because it makes the world better. They offer up their time, their skills, and more, because they sincerely want to make someone else’s day better. And living every day like that, putting good out no matter how bad things get, means every day they feel fulfilled.

Because ‘giving’ is better than ‘receiving.’

You’ve probably heard that, or some version of it, many times in your life — but it’s the truth. It’s why we get more excited to watch a friend open a gift than we are to open a gift to us. Improving the lives of others improves us. Giving a random compliment to another person makes *us* feel good. Putting good out into the world brings good back.

All of us are going to die someday. Life is one adventure where no one gets out alive, and in the end you will either still be hungry, or you will be fulfilled, and every day you make choices that lead you one direction or the other.

I choose to be fulfilled. I choose love. I choose hope. I choose friends and fun and compliments and hugs and all the good things that make me feel warm whenever the darkest thoughts invade my mind. We’re in charge. We choose.

So, ask yourself, what choices are you making?


(artwork from my bff of 20+ years, inspired by this post)