Hello, lovelies! It is time for Saturday Spanks again, and we’re back for another delicious snippet from my upcoming release ‘Tara’ (Daughters of Eltera Book 2). It’s now available for pre-order here (it goes live on June 3rd!), and you can get a nice look at the cover on my reveal over here. In this scene Alaric and Tara have been running around Milan in his sleek, sexy Maserati and enjoying the day. Of course, in the life of a Faeoihn, life never seems to be easy for long.

A beep went off from his messenger bag, which was tucked down by her heels.

“Can you grab that for me?” Alaric maneuvered the car into a slow turn through traffic as she leaned forward and began to dig through the bag, finally pulling out his phone.

She held it out for him.

“I’m driving, what’s it say?” He didn’t take his eyes off the road as he weaved in and out of traffic, accelerating around the drivers who were less interested in driving and more interested in sight-seeing.

“It says you have a text message from Claude.”

“Unlock the phone and read it to me. 1-4-7-2.” Alaric saw her tilt the phone back towards her in his peripheral vision. He shook his head at himself. Here he was buying expensive locks to keep Luca and the other employees of Infinity Consulting out of his room while he slept and at the same time providing the unlock code to a girl he had known less than twenty-four hours.

Such a contradiction.

“It says to meet him at his club tonight, after 10:30pm, and to bring me.” He could hear the smile in her voice, “Unless bring the girl is referring to someone else?”

“There’s no other girl.” He looked over at her and gave her the smile Luca always shook his head at. She just smirked at him.

Hard to impress.

“Are we going dancing?” She leaned back against the door, letting his phone dim and then relock in her hands.

“We can if you’d like, but we’re going there to get you papers.” He looked back at the road to maneuver them towards the hotel.


“ID, a passport, the things we’ll need if we have to leave the country.” Alaric spoke and then looked over at her. The light had gone out in her eyes again as she withdrew into herself.

“For when you deliver me.”

“Yes.” He gritted his teeth when he responded. This was what he’d signed up for. Losing his nerve now wasn’t going to help. “In that box of clothes was there anything that would fit in at a nightclub?”

“I wouldn’t say it fits, it’s rather tight, but there’s plenty I can wear to a nightclub.”

Like the blurb on Amazon says, Alaric has some decisions to make. He’s always had that pesky no women, no kids rule, but does that mean he’ll defy Luca to save her? You’ll have to grab a copy of the book to find out! There’s only a few more snippets before this book goes live! In the mean time, check out these author hot authors below…