Well, hello again, lovelies! We’re back for another #SatSpanks Blog Hop with my latest book ‘Reunited’ which should be live any minute on Amazon! If you’ve been following along you know that Colby and Eric were heating things up on the dance floor with Megan at their 10-year high school reunion. Now they’ve slipped away from the dance to have some private time in the halls of their old alma mater.

Colby spoke quietly, “I don’t know how many times we told Eric off for keeping you all to himself, but, ha!” He smirked at Eric. “Did you hear that, man? She did look at me. You were not the center of her universe!”

“I never thought I was the center of her universe, but I wasn’t very good at sharing back then.” Eric grinned, and it was that charming, dimpled smile that made him look impossibly handsome. “However, Megan liked me keeping her all to myself. She always liked me taking control.” He stepped forward and slid his hand into her hair. His fist tightened slowly, the strain increasing until little tingles of electricity rushed down her back, and then he suddenly pushed her back hard against the lockers. The metal popped behind her, and she couldn’t deny the way she felt. She wanted him to take charge, she wanted him to tighten the grip on her hair a little more, she wanted him – “I’m not sure if she still likes it though. What do you think, Colby?”

She was speechless as Colby leaned on the lockers next to her. His hand landed on her waist, trailed slowly over her stomach, and then glided down. “I’m not sure, let’s see if Megster still likes someone else in control.”

Ahem. Two hot, dominant men? Pardon me while I fan myself. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the cover! It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited or only 99-cents for this hot, fantasy-fueled ménage erotica! 1-click away, lovelies!

Grab a copy: Reunited

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Keep checking back for more hotness from this release! Don’t bother cooling down yet though, there’s still a lot more snippets from other authors on the blog hop below!